Tears for Fears, and maybe for White Notes

Let me introduce you to white notes,

22690702_1650336771685693_1046752725_oThese, 20 leaves notebook may be a source of all emotional turpitude. This slim white notes may bring you good news or the opposite of that. More importantly this is a bearer of, more or less, devastating scores and grades. I present you the white notes.

The source of my sadness and self hatred episodes

22664029_1650336805019023_1931328596_o Ugh. (I’m sorry for the really shitty quality)


The moment a person feels as if the world is ganging up on him, is the moment where his tears starts to fall and the world stops.—Do you know how hard it is to produce one single drop of tear?

Crying is not only an emotion behavior, though it is often triggered by an event pertaining to something emotional, it’s actually one way of coping up. It’s our body’s way of survival, how weird is that? Our body adapted to evolution itself to survive emotional triggers by lacrimation or secretion of fluids from our eyes. Your body is indeed a wonderland. So we cry to survive.

While we think that crying is just one simple method of releasing anything that we cannot express through words or action, there are actually three (3) kinds of tears: The Basal, Reflex , and Psychic. And I’ll talk about the latter one, the one I’ve been experiencing for the past 18 hours none stop. (okay maybe I took some breaks in between)

Psychic tears are the ones we get after feeling so much emotion, it’s our bodies way of response to anger, happiness and sadness. Most of all sadness. So we cry out of response from stress just to make it simple. You ever cry after feeling so shitty, and after that good long cry you just feel good and relaxed? Well, that’s the thing with Psychic tears, they’re morphed with feel good dose of fluids that after a good cry it makes you “chill and calm down”. These tears are like infused with chamomile tea, lavender oil , and so much puppy videos. These “stress” tears are packed with endorphins and painkillers, they do not only numb your eyes while you shed it out but also numbs your body (emotional state that is).

Your brainwaves sync up together and they are triggered by your own neurotransmitter that send off a peculiar brand of tears for a specific reason when you are being overwhelmed by emotions. These tears protects your eyes and calm you the FUCK down.

So really, our tears are like santa’s little helpers. Your brain send tears to your face to make a situation less awkward. There’s a reason why most people suggest that you cry your heart out for some relief. Crying does enhance your mood and physical state.

Go ahead, cry your balls out. I won’t judge you. 

When you cry your body is in machine mode, your Endocrine system sends hormones that releases these tears. When your in this state your body comes into two state: Flight or Fight. During an emotional break down, your favorite hormone, stress hormone, also known as cortisol, is released by our f* up brain, putting our physical body in either fight or flight mode.  It may either make you super hyped up that you’re absolutely down for anything or it may make you just leave everything behind.

That stress hormone also has tricks on its sleeves, it can make your breathing harder, and makes you swallow an invisible apple whole causing you to feel like there’s a lump on your throat the size of an apple. That;s where the saying “Lump in your throat” comes from. The term used for it is actually The Globus Sensation. This happens when your hormones trigger an inflammation in your throat and gives you that feeling of having a whole apple inside of it.

And finally when we cry, we signal other human beings that we are in either a physical or emotional pain, or sometimes both. “I am not f*cking OKAY!”

Humans are the only species in the world that automatically produces tears when they are distress. Many theorist suggest that the real purpose of us crying is not only to release calming chemicals to our bodies, but to also signal another human that we are in pain and that somebody needs to bring me a glass of wine coz’ sh*ts about to get f*cked! We do this to signal sympathy from them, you cannot help but to react sympathetically at a person who is crying. Don’t be mean. Whether it’s someone you’re close to or a random stranger–this is being human.

So the next time you tear up, think of how hard it would be for your body to produce this fluid, and what your body will possibly excrete upon doing so. Make sure that whatever you’re feeling is worth all that journey for your neurons to signal your brain to produce from your Lacrimal gland ,Superior lacrimal punctum, Superior lacrimal canal, Lacrimal sac, Inferior lacrimal punctum, Inferior lacrimal canal and Nasolacrimal canal a teaspoon full of tears.


10-19-17. Tears.



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