Things I did (that I shouldn’t probably have)

They say that High School life is the best years of your life… WHO EVER SAID THIS HAVE NOT BEEN TO COLLEGE! because I got my degree today, I ought you guys know what I did during my 5 year-stay in my university. Let me tell you early on that I am no near an angel. I managed to finish my 4 year course in a span of  5 years. But it doesn’t mean I’m stupid, it simply means…I don’t give a damn on what people say.

Let me tell you ten things that I did during my college life which I know I prolly shouldn’t have done…but hey?!! You’re in those years when you’re trying to identify yourself, discovering yourself and that sort, trying to figure out what you want to do or who you want to be. You prolly been an ugly duckling all your hs life but now that your a gorgeous swan, you just want to spread your wings and let them know who the boss is (GUEZZ WHAT BTCHZ).  So, now…. these are a few things I did during my stay in college. Things I shouldn’t have done, but boy did I hellz enjoyed them.

10. Partied till I drop!

Every college student prolly will have this adventure one point in his or her college life, I mean…when you enter college you’ll need to know your friends, your bros, sisters, hoes and frat mates. what best way to do this than to go and party right? This is like a must! (but I know, you guys shouldn’t do it, but dude! you just got to!) like a serious must!.

09. Get drunk

this is in connection with number 10..what do you get when you go out and party? well, you drink and drink and drink and drink…and drink and continue drinking and eventually get drunk and sit on the floor, hug the toilet while puking your guts out and keep saying “mommy rub my tummy”.

08. Staying up late

dude, we did this when we were in high school. Of course we’re hella doing this in college (HELLZ YEAH!)

07. Using “SCHOOL” as an excuse

“hey ma, we have a project…we need to uhm, stay late” yes, you use “project” as an excuse to stay out late with friends or stay over your gal friends. But instead of doing your “projects” you actually chitchat and gossips about girl stuff and boys (duh, what else do we talk about?) and gals…either you were talking about a boy you like or this bitch you liked your guy. Either way, you were talking about a guy.


06. went to class “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”

it doesn’t matter what you we’re under, may it be alcohol (beer, usually beer. But if your Sosyal, a shot or more of tequila), weed (cannabis, there 2 different kind of them. High for the body and the brain), or if you are a serious threat, I.C.E (or cocaine). But if you came in class, woozy, half naked and half your mind missing. dang dude! you gotta stop that!

—–So this is the first half of the things I did during my college life, I know I said 10… but it doesn’t hurt for you guys to wait for the next batch, right?

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