I havent recently paid much attention to this blog in particular. And all of you know that Im on twitter now that here now though the 140 character is seriously killing me…Im back!

while waiting for my video to be uploaded which takes forever by the way, Ima write stuff here that’s been happening to me recently.
well for starters, I havent finished college yet, though I was suppose to last semester.
– this is partly my fault. I did things that made me wish I havent done, and now Im paying for all of them. With that Im starting my life now, as a senior in my college and hopefully finish it by next term. i seriously dont want to prolong this agony. You see, education now is no longer fun. YOU NEED TO STUDY BECAUSE YOU NEED TO PASS THE EXAM!…I dont do that shit. I want to learn because I want to, not because I need to. you get my point?—-this attitude of my is what contributed to my prolonging in college. Some people pitty, some people actually talk about me and stare or give me the stink eye… but I dont care! it’s not like I need their approval to live a more honest-to-goodness life? I mean my mom didnt even stay mad at me knowing that she is the who’s paying for all my schooling and that. WHO YOU TO STINK EYE ME?!
oh yeah, check out my post interview pics, they’re a bit funny ( to me) 
post interview halad si kitty
Yes, that is Garfield. Im doing the simba thing from Lion king. hahaha

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