Hablon in Miag-ao by: The Apex Team

We called ourselves The Apex Team because we’re on top.

we’re a bunch of senior students from West Visayas State University, trying to help a certain community uplift their tradition of hablon weaving. In the old days, hablon fabric was a luxurious cloth that only the rich was capable of buying. It was for those porcelain skinned Ilonggo. But nowadays it is neglected due to the many fabric coming from outside the Philippines, this hindered the booming of hablon weaving.

Hablon weaving is a long tradition of grandmother-mother-daughter. The women of the family are the ones who creates hablon from scratch. When a girl is old enough, the mother teaches the daughter to weave whom soon will replace the mother in weaving, thus also replacing the grandmother as the “mayordoma” in a certain group of weavers. This was a tradition that until now is still practiced in Miag-ao, Iloilo, a town outside the city limits, approximately 1 to 2 hours of driving. Tourist and locals can go here via jeepney or bus.


Today, hablon is slowly gaining its confidence again. Many of hablon products are being use as table cloth centers, drapers and purses. As it slowly gains popularity, many designers have used it for their gowns. Recently in the Philippine Fashion week, many Ilonggo designers used hablon in their gowns and suits, making it more pinoy—“terno” and “barong”. 



to be continues 🙂

I do not own the pictures, so credits to miag-ao blogspot and katagman 🙂

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